A small business founded by a deeply caring heart and two compassionate hands, this healing space will allow you to unwind and release on many levels. Small details are paid attention to in order to create greater comfort and support for your wholeness and integration.

Mary O'Donnell, who is certified in a wide variety of modalities approaches massage and bodywork to AID THE BODY TO HEAL ITSELF, whether through relaxation, pain relief, or a boost of energy with detoxing strategies.

Each session is customized to fit your needs. Massage and bodywork should be part of a complete health maintenance schedule and several packages are offered for your convenience. With respect for the innate intelligent design by Our Creator, I wish you abundance, joy and glowing health. Call soon; you are important!

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OFFICE: 833-986-9463

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110 N Broad St.

Globe, AZ 85501

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OFFICE: 833-986-9463