PEMF = Pulsing electromagnetic fields within the range that is beneficial to the human body and that match the Earth's magnetic field. These pulses are sent through a mat, a pad or a pen for treatment. The client simply rests on a mat to receive the harmonious frequencies that in turn cause their own cells to again vibrate at the same rate. This is known as Sympathetic Resonance.
Basically one is restoring their own body's electo-magnetic field to the healthiest state. It reduces all the undue electro-stress from microwaves/cell phone towers/and wi-fi sources. It magnifies the SELF-HEALING within every cell. Vibrational medicine is the medicine of the future now! It includes sound, light and magnetic fields. Everything in the Universe is formed by vibrations and geometric structure.

What's it for? FDA Approved for home and clinical use, this fast, simple effective therapy:

Reduces Pain

Increases Circulation

Removes Metabolic Wastes

Increases Bone Density

Relaxes Muscles

Regenerates Cartilage, Tendons, Ligaments & Nerves

Increases Dopamine & Serotonin thereby decreasing stress, anxiety and depression

Improves immune system

Balances Subtle Energy Systems, i.e. meridians and prana...